How we do it
With the use of research-based, validated assessments and coaching tools, we’ll help you uncover the individual talents of your sales team and lead them to personal and professional development and higher levels of productivity.
Target Selection based on BI
Engagement and Communication
Sales Performance and Mapping
Social Selling
Push & Pull Kit
Target Selection based on BI
Utilizing BI tools, our Marketing Consultants will be working closely with the stakeholder to select top sales performers. This process will generate a database with an individual partner index of sales performance and behavior.
Listening to your needs
A complete sales motivational campaign will be delivered to engage with your selected target audience. The partner owners and its selected Sales Representatives will receive an invitation to participate in the program
Customizing platforms
Your customized sales program will provide insights to understand strengths and weaknesses of your selected Sales Representatives. The analysis will generate a deep analysis and recommendations on how to respond to problems and challenges, influence decision makers.
Social Selling
Our program includes an integrated strategy that will extend the benefit to expand selling potential into professional networks through “Best Practice” trainings and “One 2 One” strategies.
Tracking performance
An integrated combination of Push & Pull tactics that will enhance the training received during the program. Your top performers will test new trainings, obtain demand generation assets to create new opportunities and accelerate rewards through targeted promotions designed to increase sales performance.
What’s included
Data Analytics

Push and Pull tactics will enhance the training received during the program and motivate your employees to reach their goals and increase performance

Assessment Models

Our models are designed to educate and engage the individual through rewards and new opportunities


Utilizing BI tools, our consultants will be working closely with the stakeholder to select top sales performers.

Sales Promotions

Our sale promotions engage the individual because it motivates them to become a top performer so they can win the award.

Help your sales force* meet the demands of the growing market
*can be represented by your own employees and/or your Partners Sales Representatives
How to influence the point of view of others
How to respond to problems and challenges
How to respond to the pace of the environment
How to respond to rules and procedures set by others
Success made simple!

Unlock the hidden potential within each of your sales influencers and build the data you need to make smarter decisions, faster.

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