Business Intelligence

Our BI consulting solution includes intelligent reports, smart analytics, and dashboards to highlight areas that need executive attention, high-proven recommendations, and tactics that allow you to influence performance, improve decision-making, cut costs, and identify new areas of business growth.

How we do it
Utilizing the latest technologies, we customize business intelligence tools to empower you with the right information at the right time. Your tailored business intelligence engine will allow you to conduct data mining functions, online analytical processing, querying, and reporting.
Listening to your needs
Designing actionable data
Customizing platforms
Tracking performance
Listening to your needs
Our Business Intelligence team will help you build rich information, manage historical, current and predictive views of business data.
Designing actionable data
  • Understand your business objectives
  • Program tools to visualize data
  • Develop online analytical processing cubes
  • Design data visualization formats
  • Utilization training and onboarding
Customizing platforms
Your tailored business intelligence engine will allow you to conduct data mining functions, online analytical processing, querying, and reporting.
Tracking performance
You will gain visibility to track performance, design targeted initiatives, anticipate change and uncover new opportunities to develop a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.
What’s included
Report Center

Our consulting team thrives in a culture of collaboration and commitment, developing robust strategies that will help your business enhance your sources of revenue growth while tailoring best practices and measuring success.


Our talented team of software engineers work in synergy with our consulting and design teams to implement, develop and install world-class innovation processes and solutions that will help your business improve operation and maximize investment.

data analytics

Through meticulous and detailed data mining and research, our BI specialists figure out market and business trends to help your strategy increase efficiency, reduce cost, and boost profit.


After fully understanding your goals and marketing strategy, our team of communication masters focus on conducting market research to gather valuable data with the purpose of building and delivering engaging content for your campaign.


Our team provides detail oriented guidance throughout your initiative. Project Managers are the key elements of communication between all units of development as they manage deadlines, budget, and quality assurance from end to end.

Real time, Full Visibility
It is all about insightful business knowledge with the ability to anticipate trends, behaviors and proactively uncover new opportunities.
What you can count on
Since 1998, our clients have been our success
Thanks again for the work you and your team did for the Partner Council. The event was a great success and the deck was an important piece of the whole event structure.
Director of Distribution Sales and High Potential Partners - USA, Canada and Latin America
We appreciate our partnership with Optime on the HP BlueCarpet program, and we look forward to continue expanding our partner loyalty programs.
PARTNERONE Program Manager, PPS Americas
I've been in different companies, and Optime has always been with me. From incentives programs to specific marketing campaigns, always a trustful partner
Vice President of Marketing
The problem of working with Optime is that you become addicted! We truly believe in our partnership.
Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Optime has been an integral part of our Blue Coat marketing strategy for Latin America. Optime's focus, market knowledge, and dedication has positioned the company as a strategic partner and valued advisor.
LATAM Field Marketing
Optime’s support on the adoption campaign of the APN Marketing Central of AWS was fundamental for its success. From the attentive help of account managers to the creative design developed for the campaign, Optime excelled the expectations. We look forward to undergone more marketing projects together.
Content Marketing LATAM for AWS
Optime is a great partner for Verint Latin America. We have been growing our digital presence together with our team.
Content Marketing LATAM for AWS
I was very impressed with the content produced and results generated to date especially around sales influencer engagement.
ADOBE Systems / Americas Channel Marketing Manager
Success made simple!

Our innovative solutions enable you to gain a sense of what is happening with the individuals behind your business turning behavioral insights into time-efficient actions. We are here to listen and provide you with measurable solutions.

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