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Programa de Fidelidade Automatizado
RegiãoMCA, BRAZIL, Mexico.
LínguaInglês, Espanhol e Português

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft & Intel have a fully unified automated web-based incentive program designed and run by Optime, to increase business growth and provide up-to-date product information to an ever growing partner community within the regions of Latin America and Brazil.

This incentive program is designed to reward Partner Sales Representative for their knowledge and sales of qualifying Hewlett Packard Enterprise products. It is handled with minimal administrative effort and without loss of productivity while delivering solutions to customers that matter.

  • Build a relationship with partners and sales representatives to serve them and identify the top performers to be incentivized
  • Increase mind share of Hewlett Packard Enterprise products and solutions
  • Reward Individual Performance according to Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Objectives
  • Track and report the program’s key metrics in real-time

An official point and fully automated system was created to drive key products, winning behaviors and business growth based on quarterly business objectives. Offering a comprehensive and attractive prize catalog, Partner’s Sales Representatives redeem their earned points to receive amazing prize(s) of their choice at their offices. 

Based on Business Intelligence and smart insights, Optime recommends and deploys marketing strategies and tactics to increase partner’s product knowledge and sales for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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