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The Elite Club Event
Event Production

USA, Latin America
English, Spanish and Portuguese
USA, Latin America
English, Spanish and Portuguese
When customers feel appreciated, they show their loyalty. That’s exactly what the Juniper Elite Club was all about. We took Juniper’s top performers on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the mystic Machu Picchu in Peru. This four day trip celebrated the executives’ commitment and their inspiring performance to Juniper. The trip was en all inclusive immersion in the history, gastronomy, and culture of the Inca empire.
  • Engage with clients that had the highest levels of loyalty.
  • Show appreciation for customer’s commitment.
  • Provide customers a unique experience.
  • Recognize and reward the top performers.

Event theme, concept, and branding.
Design and development of microsite with online registration.
Communication strategy, implementation and execution.
Selection of world class Andean culinary experiences.
Printed materials including invitations, banners, badges and menus.
Daily room drops with customized giveaways.
End-to-end event logistics including transportation, accommodations and tours.
On-site execution.
Post-event communication and satisfaction survey.